1. State residents can receive prescription assistance with the North Carolina Drug Card program. There are no eligibility requirements or restrictions and the program is free to all. The prescription savings card is honored by most pharmacies throughout the state, with CVS being the preferred pharmacy. Go to northcarolinadrugcard.com to download a card or go to a nearby CVS Pharmacy and ask about the program.

2. Cumberland County solid waste sites are available for recycling electronics such as televisions and computer equipment, which will be banned from North Carolina landfills starting July 1. The electronics may be recycled at any of the 17 county container sites. For a list of container sites and recycling centers in Cumberland County, go to co.cumberland.nc.us/solid_waste.aspx.

3. World Heritage International is searching for host families for international high school students for the 2011-12 school year. Students are motivated and screened. By living with host families, they acquire an understanding of American values and build on leadership skills. Students' plane fares, insurance and spending money are paid by their parents; host families provide accommodations and food. For more information, call (800) 888-9040 or go to world-heritage.org.